We thank Florenz Friedrich Sigismund (1788–1857) for inspiring our title.
Our new profile photo should be here soon; in the meantime, here we are at work last Friday. Coo is wearing The Cape of Christmas, a gift from a special cousin (-:>)


All at Coo & Co
have been asked to write
Experiences pages
for a travel company
specialising in
Safari Africa –

and this might seem strange,
bearing in mind
none of us has been
to Safari Africa

and our travelability
is very limited,
comprising, on average,
a trip to our local park
once per week.

our laptop screen
is our window onto the world
and we find that,
with more and more information
becoming available,
it is possible to travel
to Safari Africa
without leaving
our recliner chair.

These are the very best of times –
reading, watching, listening
wherever we are sent,
then reporting back
to our well-travelled contact,
and there is much woo-hoo-ing.

'It is pleasant to wander,' chirps Coo –
and, together, we begin to sing…

We love to go a-wandering, while in our comfy chair,
to all Safari Africa, dressed snug in thermal wear,
a mug of tea beside us and we're ready for the road,
we open up our window-world and wait for things to load.

The sun is rising over waters tinged with purple-pink,
an elderly bull elephant comes trundling in to drink,
among the whitening lilies, the jacanas of blue bills,
their morning medley merging with the finch calls from the hills.

A leopard prowls the montane woodland, three keen cubs in tow,
she pounces, grabs a bushbuck, and his blood begins to flow,
he slumps upon the forest floor, his breathing rattles, dies,
the felines haul him up a teak tree, with triumphant cries.

Big buffaloes tread terraces made moist by fallen fruits,
they pause to snack and jostle slightly near acacia roots,
the oxpeckers upon their backs keep feasting all the while,
their busy beaks locating ticks with merciless red smile.

Huge herds of wildebeest are hurtling down steep river banks
to cross to find good grazing, grim crocs snapping at their flanks;
or else they're on the watch for big cats on the short-grass plains,
the place they come to calve and nurture following the rains.

Clothed stout and stern, rhinoceros are wandering the dunes,
the wind whips from the shoreline, bringing ghosts of old sea tunes,
as far as old dry valley where the herders liked to trance,
and carved on sandstone shapes of beasts and tribes in joyful dance.

And in the farthest reaches of the jungle mountain sides,
below the pines where, black and gold, the crowned hawk-eagle glides,
in forest ferns the chimpanzees hunt colobus and scream,
or sit and watch safarists and the local research team.

When office hours are over and it's time to go to bed,
we settle under blankets with these scenes still in our head,
impatient for tomorrow and the travels it will bring,
because, at Coo & Co, we love to go a-wandering (-:>)

Poetry by Coo & Co The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2016-12-04 at 23:17

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Ivan R
Pure joy to read! And to experience that world, thank you for showing it so beautifully!

I am happy, happy you made me, a world you opened,
and with prose superb; excellent!

A beautifully made lyric poem. Danke!

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Exactly! At this moment, I have a block of Neopolitan tenements for my screen saver. One day...