this pair got a child
and with him the problems that go along:
find a nursery
a school, a good doctor
like many many other couples that struggle
with exactly the same issues
that's why the government takes care of them
and solves their problems

i don't know what's society in a whole
i never learnt that in school, i had to do my own class:
the baker put bread in it, the doctor saves life,
the lawyer defends his client, the pilot flies his passengers home
we don't live like hermits but the thinker, what does he do?
does he inject his thoughts and enjoy the good bread?
finally even your inner thoughts can help someone else
when you study to take an exam, later on it will help others
it's not possible that whatever you do, it can't be of any use:
when you stroll with your dog, it helps your dog
it saves your life, i think even if the reason is metaphysical, you would die for real in other way

i have a car because many have a car, so the
prices go down but we are all on the roads
at the same time and get stuck, if the roads
are emptying, i cannot afford a car

Poetry by alarian The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2016-12-22 at 22:11

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