How to be a poet

Firstly one must

Without fail,

Consider oneself nothing less than a Unique

Which really is the polite word to associate oneself with 


Other descriptions included the aptly named

Yet no less offensive -Bohemian

Consider also -  Artistic 

Deep Thinker

Quirky, and though it pains me,

That most hateful of terms - Odd


After that, mostly wearing long flowing velvet clothing, or silks in High Summer

Is the order of the day

But always always to accessorize with a turban and peacock feather

Or fez and a hateful cigarillo depending on Gender

Or not, depending how far down the Unique route you have traveled


If by now you have already decided

That the image to strive for

Is not you 

Then stop reading now and return to your complicated lives 

You will never be considered truly Quirky

For to ask anyone to become withdrawn further

For the necessary hours of wandering 

Lonely as a cloud for instance 

Is nonsense

If the thought of a fez and cigarillo is disturbing

Then the poet world really does not need a part time enthusiast 


If however

A life of torment, angst and more than an ounce or two of quiet, patient, suffering appeals, read on


Oh yes, tobacco stained teeth

And an impoverished look may also trend

Intermittently say


Next you will need to find your Muse

Muses can be found loitering mostly

In the guise of unrequited love


Oh rejection...that's a good one

Anything that falls under the general title of


Common Human Conditions


Or its sub heading Mass Readership Appeal


Because, you see

In order to feel worthy as a living poet

One's Bohemian self needs to nurture one's tremblingly frail Poet Ego

And everyone knows the only true measure of that little trinket


Is comments.

Or else

One's Artistic side may become battered 

And refuse to ever don silks and velvet again

And might lets say, take off on the moors 

And start bellowing the name Cathy or Heathcliffe



And this is by far the most important

To be truly Odd

Make up any amount of lines

That to anyone

Makes absolutely No Sense


Follow these rules

And in a couple of decades 

You may just be lucky enough

To self publish 



Poetry by LFD3
Read 151 times
Written on 2016-12-27 at 14:47

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
To be truly Odd
Make up any amount of lines
That to anyone
Makes absolutely No Sense

There are some people here who clearly believe this.

I have a beret instead of a fez. Am I doomed?