I Love? Social Media. mmmmm

My Indigestion

My indigestion is a simple affair
of knots being tied up
then swallowed with air.
All the nonsense I chew in the ether abundant
with news I don't care for.
This lays me out straight.

My heart murmur argues back and forth,
with opinions on high and low;
then mutters; subsides.
I summon each thought to be dismissed
like I have sway in the world
and control some of this.

My lumbar support should be needed right now.
I feel spineless and tilting
yet do NOT care somehow.
I'll be free I'll be free why can't I be free
of this pretense and social
pop psychology?

My brain- drain is looking to find a way out;
an exit with honesty.
I'd rather have clout,
but they say, if you really can't say something nice.......
No judgement this way,
but a smirk and a smile.

Its not just me.
There is a backlash whiplash
riding on the tide
of social media back patting
postings and postcards
advice and compliment
and passive aggressive
narcissistic comments
and back in my day
and where's the respect
when kids were kids .
oh yea me too.
I like weird people
well they don't like you
share if you have an angel in heaven
share if you love your son
share if you love your daughter, mother
share if you have none
Skip reading the posts in some despair
but they multiply and repeat repeat
from someone else, somewhere.
I just won't comment
cause rudeness is too honest
and so out of place.
Just the occasional dart
to make me feel great
but not enough
to make them feel hurt.

Its MY indigestion, after all.

Poetry by nice curtains
Read 208 times
Written on 2017-01-01 at 09:08

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You had me at the title! Good job.

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
This reminds me of a friend. Every morning he goes to McDonalds and has two "breakfast burritos." Every morning, at ten o'clock sharp, he has indigestion. He, unlike you, has never made the cause and effect connection between his ingestion and his indigestion.

Ingesting social media causes heartburn, but, like the "breakfast burrito," tastes so good going down. Brain candy.

Oh, not, who knows? Perhaps a change of diet?

Great poem. Happy New Year.