A Nightshade Original

Still time to shine

I guess it was time, to shed my skin, take on a new color. It would seem darkness suits me.....still adjusting to my new skin. please bare with me. I will come around. I didn't choose this color.. the choice wasn't mine the time around. This new skin is different. Powerful, and Alive. Thriving where I thought I would die.. Surprising even myself these days. Waiting to see just what all comes with this new me. I walked into the flames, head high, came out the other side. You can try, but you'll never have me. Knock me down, beat me senseless, numb me cold, I'll always bounce right back. vengeance, and survival mix like primordial ooze. Rumble with me, your bound to loose. Everything one could imagine as valuable and precious has been stolen from me. Sacred beliefs desecrated in the shadow of night. All will be set right. I will regain some resemblance of whats was mine.. just wait and see. There is still time to shine...

Poetry by Luna Nightshade
Read 230 times
Written on 2017-01-07 at 14:33

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I forgot to say welcome to The Bay!

You do shine, some excellent phrases, e.g. "and survival mix like primordial ooze" is my favourite.