Only This

Wrapped in bluestone moonstone walls of your secret garden
Bliss, an arcane kiss is sweet as midnight rain when falling
The winding wind is at our backs the River's track is always
Calling as it wanders through forever is too long or is it
Only just,
That way while Time grinds fine both pearl grains and grist
For now the forests slumber in their tracks and dreams
Whisper poems, promises of tomorrow's coming back
High as another mythic Summer Morning
Shall we awaken in each others arms or will the charms
Once written, fade into their own oblivion, only this~

Poetry by Chaucer Whethers The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-01-09 at 01:12

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Maija Liepins
Sorry for messing up your comment thread. Rivers track and Slumbering in forest tracks. I get it now. The second mention of tracks jars, as mentioned, but now I see a parallel is being drawn between the flow of the river, calling and the dreaming in the slumbering forest.

Maija Liepins
Except not I can't find a second mention of tracks. Ignore that wierd comment.

Maija Liepins
Woow, I was capivated at the first line, bluestone and moonstone together, contrasting: "bluestone moonstone", startled by how the word stone is transformed entirely. And referenced not as objects but active textures "wrapping" and enclosing ("walls"). Also the close intimacy in the first part contrasting with the expansive movement of river, wind and forever - delicious!

Forest slumber in their tracks jarred for me because trees don't have footsteps and then the word tracks is repeated later leaving me feeling you made a connection in your mind I failed to comprehend on reading.

I'm whispering it out loud too it reads so well, as a spoken word poem. Love love the imagery, movement, textures.