Ch. 11: The Odds Are Against Him


With names like Ehrlichman, Liddy, Hunt,

Baker, Irvin, Deep Throat

dominating the headlines, no one, hardly anyone,


is paying attention to the comings and going of DEA agents

to and from Columbia.

It's just as well. Nixon's get tough on crime policy,


a cynical political ploy, funds these operations,

but the Administration is unraveling on the nightly news.

There's little interest in much else—


which leaves Jackson under the radar, while Dewey quietly works

the Judicial system, taking bad guys off the street.

But the Big Dogs—they're elusive, well-funded, and better armed.


Jackson has a 9mm Browning, his wits, and informants

that he can trust or not. It isn't much. 




Poetry by jim The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-02-19 at 21:10

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You welcom Jim

antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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