three new poems

steadily I say walk no more
there is are armies of much lo
and all kinds of behold
coming your solitary way

in a hot dessert one can hear
whispering scorpions
move like sharp fish under ice
singing slow

rhubarbed into stricken tomorrow
silenced with tons of stale bread
and a dash of dark discord
I render this illusive place I am

There are parrots in the machinery
strange patterns dark
undoing what cheap may adopt
to notes of despair


eloped into dark silence of day
one finds no way to play
or secretly stay
when there is nothing more to say

silence is so abandoned
hate frames the locked door
wistfulness drives forged nails
into any observation

there’s no law
that says
one man cannot
be more than one man

reclusiveness fortifies silence
there are all kinds of runners at large
we must all solidify this time
into a head on refusal

nurses bend and chant
lost in dictionaries
riding the one train
going home

dialled and received
birds call for any day
to increase the waxing light
and any winged joy

I saw you flittering
in the late light
of early Mars
brushing against my wind


steep like a promise of spring
you rushed by
holding high for low
presenting all evidence
to the lower courts

birds follow you
winds can say your name
sorority of youth
fends for a right to forget you
yet you die every day

slept in a fever stable
with your snorting steeds
pounding the stalls
drove nails into raw flesh
looked for you again

by a brook I used to dream
words gathered
just to make sure time
still was being
a few more days

Poetry by Bob The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 191 times
Written on 2017-03-07 at 18:19

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