I find Teddy where I always find him,
In his hair salon. He's cutting some old
Woman's hair. He sees me, and, as he is
Wont to do, he squeaks and runs to me,
And, soon enough, I get a hug. He goes
Back to the woman's head, but it's clear
That she has been forgotten. All he says
Is meant for me. “When did you get here?
When are you leaving? Have you plans
For dinner?” “Teddy, Jesus, you know
That I always stop to see you first. I'll
Be here until Thursday evening. No,
I haven't plans for dinner, but I think
I ought to stop and see my mother
Before this town's jungle drums tell
Her I'm here.” He laughs. He knows
Those jungle drums. He's been this
Town's most noticed queer for years.
He seems okay with that. I've asked
Him many times how he can live
Among these Bible-bangers, rednecks,
Folks for whom the marriage of two
People of two races still is somewhat
Controversial, let alone two people
Both of whom are male, though he
Has done it, and his marriage to
Maurice, a guy who's altogether
Strange, and moved here from
Louisiana, seems to have been
Judged acceptable by most of them
(As it's a sign that we are moving
Toward the Day of Judgment,
Toward the End of Days, when
Those who disapprove will find
Themselves raised up to Heaven,
While those, who, like Teddy
And Maurice, are sinners, will
Be cast into the cauldron that is
Hell). But, anyway, he's treated
Well, and, as he says, his friends
Are here, his family, too. He can't
Imagine leaving. I just shake my
Head. I couldn't stay. I always
End up sorry that nostalgia led me
Back. I hate the slavish faith in
Age-old ways. Teddy says I've got
It wrong. The surface may be rigid,
He says, but the substance underneath
Can change, and he is sure it has.
“Maybe,” I say, “but I still prefer
To be off in the city, where the surface
Fairly quickly shows that things
Are not the same.”

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 79 times
Written on 2017-04-12 at 01:55

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Loved it, two sides of a coin, flip it, going back isn't always easy.

Loved this one! :)