Feelings of a writer, are like a song to the singer and a paintbrush to the painter.

Some love and care.

Some love and care,
Are the keys and the way too,
A loving heart.

Written by Louise E.

Like an addiction,
Like a care.
Like a love,
In light to share.

Like the core,
Of my inner being,
Is love filled words,
That I want to be in.

Like a radiance,
Of light,
Laugh and laughter,
In this world,
That moves,
Faster and faster.

I try to stand,
My own ground,
I try to produce,
Only loving sounds.

I try to keep on,
Holding on,
To laugh and laughter.
For this fills,
My heart with joy.
Peace and happiness.
And that is what I need.
And what I am after.

Poetry by Louise 55
Read 147 times
Written on 2017-04-13 at 01:29

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