A though comes to mind, the letters on an empty page and so I write.

Living the dream of a poet.

Yesterday has gone,
Today we live in,
And tomorrow is not there yet,
But see this,
And feel what it says.

Written by Louise E.

See the pictures,
That are painted,
In my mind.
Of beautiful days,
Gone by.

See the dream,
I hold inside,
For the today,
And my tomorrow.

Hold on,
To a feeling,
That is within me,
And outside of me.
And all around me,
Stretched out,
To far above,
And down below.

That I am,
Who I am.
That I have to show,
What ever it is.
In these words,
Called poetry.

It is my life's breath,
It is my past,
My today,
And my tomorrow.

These words here,
There and every where.
It is the poets dream.

To become,
A poet in heart,
In soul.
In unity.
To help one self,
To help others.

Who can't find the words,
To air out the heart.
And find some kind of bliss,
Or see the love,
In the words of eternity.

Poetry by Louise 55 The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-04-20 at 21:23

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