Sweet William (Wordsworth)

There are special pills
For those who dance with the Daffodils


I know a Gladiola
Who`s an avid Rock and Roller
A Daisy who`s not lazy
When she`s cutting up a rug
A very smart Carnation
With a love of syncopation
And several bands of Bluebells
With the boogie woogie bug

Then there`s lovely Lily
Who goes waltzing willy nilly
A free spirited Sunflower
Who shimmies in the sun
A wandering Begonia
(Flamenco Catalonia)
A Rose who loves to Rumba
And a weed who jives for fun.

Poetry by Yanto
Read 201 times
Written on 2017-04-30 at 01:42

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
Great stuff. The opening was great and just kept getting better. Real flower power man.