Agony Aunt

Come here and tell me,
I pat the space next to me,
What's​ got you all riled up?

And out comes a stream of worries,
Of pain, of resentment and hate,
And then they leave.

I am left behind with their stories,
The cross they have to bear,
I'm left with sentiments,
When deep down I really don't want to care.

You care too much they say,
This is not what we asked for,
We're more attached to people,
Who end up hurting us more,
Not who heal us.

And then send me on my way;
Go back to where you came from,
Your job here is done,
We'll leave you to pick up the pieces.

Of course you mean nothing to us,
You're insignificant,
Can't you see?

An unknown number on our cellphones,
Someone who's nothing to me.

Time and again this keeps happening,
Yet I never learn,
Time and again I've been let down,
Yet I still return.
An agony aunt.

Poetry by Kshiti Dubey
Read 296 times
Written on 2017-05-16 at 05:35

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
It is the kindness of strangers. That warms the spirit, I find.

In this world there aren't enough
people, who care.