It is real story, which I want to share with you.

4 years later by Georgi Draganov-translated by Ann Wood

There is almost no one in Bulgaria who has not seen the picture above - a young girl crying to police officers minutes after his colleagues were her and other protesters. And for this picture they spoke of all the nonsense - that they knew they were brother and sister, lovers that they were paid, what not. That's why I allow myself to write this to dissipate the little propaganda tales ...

... One of the protesters was 15-year-old then Desi. Dessy had seen her many times in front of protests, I knew her father. Among the whole chaos of the protest, in the midst of all the beatings that had been struck, the protesters' failure and the brazen deputies, she cried. He cried out of frustration, pain, anger. I watched her and understood her completely, for I had the same feelings myself. And then I saw a policeman among the cordon a friend - Vancho, on the passport Ivan.

Let me tell you about Ivan. It was 2010, Facebook was a young social network, we still had little friends. Add me a student student to my high school teacher's man. We met, drank beer, we went to punk and jazz concerts, talked about culture, art, philosophy, we spoke on any topic. A person educated, literate, honored. One time I ask him - "What are you working on?" At the fifth beer he tells me "I'm a policeman." I thought this was a very funny joke - a smart policeman with such a taste for music I have not seen.

Yes, but a few months later, at a protest of the student protests in 2012, a gendarmerie man called me "Hey, Joro!" And rushed to me. I barely recognized the friend we were wearing with beer in the park. The Uniform made it much more serious, much more rude. It was not until I saw him that I believed him for the job.

And although he was a gendarmerie - from those who send them in matches to seduce drunken hooligans or protests to beat protesters or to guard objects of great significance - he was always somewhat different from the other policemen I knew. She was never feminine, although years later she admitted to being homosexual.

So, of all those cops who only struggled for a few seconds before, Desi, in a cosmic accident, fell on Vancho. This same Vancho, whom I and a friend had told him a little bit of a bit of a word before, because of his involvement in this shameful thing. He had replied that he was doing his duty. (We do not comment that he went as a protest cop # DANS with me, but after work and as a protester, but hiding from his colleagues).

Dessy just caught him and started pouring his grief. And Ivan, with all this screaming, rudeness and violence, she said simply to her, "My girl, everything will be fine!" It was that moment that was filmed around the world and even part of the movie "The Giver" with Meryl Streep.

MEPs, however, were successful. Violence against children brought a really angry crowd of men to the protest in the evening. And these men ripped the enclosures around the parliament, and there was a nice fight, but there was no way to be able to defeat almost all of Bulgaria's armed police without weapons. Eventually, protesters were pushed out of a sea of ​​police, and the protest of the day was over.

Several months later, Ivan did not stand and left the gendarmerie and headed for Cyprus. Then he returned to Bulgaria and is here again, but he does something else. Two years after that December, he and Dessy got to know each other officially, became friends, and they've seen each other regularly.

So it happened at the Pride, which was held on June 10th. I was there when they met and posed for this photo. She is no longer serious or sad on her, and she is happy and smiling. And Ivan said to her, "Did you see, I told you that everything would be fine!"

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-06-15 at 02:03

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