The Grenfell tower block burning
Burning all night - all next day
Up in flames like a London candle
Unknown numbers of human beings, children, mothers, fathers, the single
Trapped within, just how many perished as yet unknown
Children, mothers, fathers, singles all perishing
NO sprinklers - No fire extinguishers!
First responders, run in, ordering those who live to run for their lives
People seen at the windows, a woman waves a white towel hoping to be seen
Lights from mobile phones show through windows, those trapped hoping to be Seen by those below in the hope of being rescued from the flames
Only to be seen no more - presumed dead
As smoke, fills their lungs, choking out their lives, then consumed by the flames
The stench of burnt, human flesh, will haunt those who experience that Unforgettable smell!
A mother throws her child out and down - caught by a man, child lives, in intensive care
A child lives, mother, as yet no one knows if she survived somehow, or died

The community, rallies round, all is confusion, in all the confusion, what was needed
Being achieved, of the local council, of government minister, no sign,
The people doing it all themselves!
Some kind of order is found, gifts arrive, food, water, clothes, nappies, offers made of beds, and places to stay, as yet no offers from the local council, government
All faiths and none involved organize and rally round helping in any way they Can
Sikhs, Christians, Muslims, Socialists, Non Politicals,
Came together and are still togther
Skins of every pigment, stand side by side, working as one, united!
Sweating in the summer heat, Muslims hungry, due to it being Ramadan,
Feed those not of the same faith, and those without, saying, "We're together, brother and sister!"
Giving sustenance, food and water distributed,
Local council, nowhere to be seen, no government, minister, neither one that night, not for days!

Politicians, arrive, Corbin, hugs comforts those he meets, greeted by the people
May, does not have the time to meet the residents, and does not feel safe anyway Wondering why that is! Legs it - ASAP!
May surrounded by security, shamed by the Queen who yes did her bit during World War Two!
And May, makes a return next day, booed, runs away ASAP, from a church, even God shunned May!
When the queen arrives, one man calls out to her saying: ''Queen what about our children, Queen?''

The Tower, been tarted up, so the millionaires, do not have to look out at poverty, The poor
From their plush residences’ windows.

Over the weekend, the masses march, in protest, march against May and her Torry bastards! The General Election of June the eighth 2017 The Aftermath!

ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-06-17 at 16:26

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dee quirke
your words speak, more words than i could say

Terribly sad story. Well written, ken.

Sensitive subject, strong words, let's hope the truth comes out. My heart goes out to all affected.