While in town day to day
I note faces were no longer to be seen
Some had had condishans, strokes, like as I have
Other harts wearing out, minds, in suffering mode
Recements due by ATOS, inforsers of the Departmant Of Work & Pensions
Likes of physiotherapist - New Zeland traind, finds nothing wrong, fit for work!
Benafits stoped! at AT A STROKE, I pun intended!
Desperatan rules, exclimants die! The D O W & P, on there phones ring call is:
''And another one bights the dust!''
The sick the disabald, those claming expost to being cheeats, they, WE ARE NOT!
In, fixing the scanes! Suplying cotamernaited blood and urin samploes!
The disabald, the sick, crafty like that!
Bankers, salt of the mony market and the exchange!
Worthy pepole are bankers! Inacent as lines of fresh snow white cocain!
The sick and disabald, are a digrace! had it to good for too long!
Robing the stait! If they are as they clamime to be, sourly they would be dead!
See toto crooks! Should be in pron eanry last one of the croked fackers!
Muly cuddle, fetherbeded! Unlike the long suffering bankers!
Some of whom, missde out on thire bonases! Some denide up too
Two, MILLON POUNDS! Thats just not right!
Those I know, I no longer see when in town, dun the right thing - died!
Words are bitter, we live in bitter times, soupekitchns, food banks, ques for both Forming, bitter times, indeed!

ken d williams

The Dyeslexic Wordsmith

Poetry by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-06-23 at 14:16

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Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
Great work Ken :)

Ya ken, that last line. I think I'm headed
that way, from that doctored hamburg
this place gave me in the middle of May.
Keep writing, you're hitting them good.

Your last line is a killer Ken ;-) it's all so wrong, you've got it so right.