I wanted to write
a murder mystery poem
something of a diversion
from my romanticism
with nature

I tried writing as detectives think
leafing through evidence
while the dead man, eyes open
stares at the police

the murdererís name knotted
in his closed throat
a phone cord
around his neck
body hardening by the second

But mysteries are complex
and Iím not the writer
to mastermind a crime
that needs to be cracked
by the end of this poem

Because of this inability
a fictitious murderer
is on the loose
his tight grip
around anotherís throat

while Iím here looking at trees
thinking about
how pastel green
spring is appearing
as the dead man hardens more


from 'New Works'

©dah / dahlusion 2016 a.r.r.

"Detective" was first published in
'Spadina Literary Review'

Poetry by Dah
Read 251 times
Written on 2017-07-12 at 00:26

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Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
The end made me smile. The beginning caught my attention.
A mystery in poetry! A very original piece written in your excellent style.

Interesting. Good job.

ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Bravo, Dah.