I want to please the masses with my verse, actually.
Something like Dog from Hell, but worse, actually.


I'm killing time between lunch and the first beer;
Like the mad violinist, I must rehearse, actually.


I'd like to buy a house, a car, a swimming pool;
But I have scanty florins to disburse, actually.


I'd love to bless the crowd from St Peter's balcony,
But every benediction turns to a curse, actually.


I whisper to Heaven, "Let there be peace on earth!"
Then, nothing but Silence--a seismic force, actually.


I marinate my brain in '50s poèmes bien-faits:
To baptize, I'm told, means to immerse, actually.


Peter shouted nourrice! but he meant enfermière:
There are two meanings of the word "nurse," actually.


Edward Taylor wrote about spiders and flies
And that poem about God's gold and His purse, actually.


Dives blew twenty grand at a Vegas casino
While Lazarus in Skid Row licked his sores, actually.


Calvin Coolidge, say more than two words? "You lose."
Our thirtieth president could be quite terse, actually.


The Psalmist, Shakespeare, Walt Whitman: did these three
Harbour ambitions to create a universe, actually?


A great leap forward, enfranchising all citizens:
Equality of marriage (and of divorce, actually!).


O Thomas, old chap, don't hector, don't preach:
Dismount from, unsaddle, your high horse, actually.




Poetry by Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-07-23 at 08:05

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I always love your ghazals. So nice to read.