I Wait

The river sparkles in the afternoon.
I so wish you would see it sometime,
Sitting next to me. I'd tell you what
I think that sparkling means. It is
A metaphor for all of life, and
Both of us. The river's dull
And uninviting during most of every
Day. The sparkles briefly make it
Precious, briefly make me certain
That I'm better off to have it near,
And you, my love, so long so dull,
So silently avoiding me, can sparkle.
I have seen you do it, in the process
Dazzling me, and causing me
To keep believing I am better off
To have you near.

Poetry by Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-08-10 at 00:47

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Rob Graber
And what is more painful than seeing her sparkle with someone else, eh? This poem has a sparkle all its own.

So much yearning here. I love this.

Seems your rivers are a place if reflection ( well, I guess they would be mirror like) but no. I live in a Mountainous region and in times of pondering or trouble I take off to the mountains and they listen. I always come back feeling restored. Anyway less about me. Have one thing to say....women can't sparkle all the time...the sparkle would not be noticed then would it? We save our sparkle for those most deserving , and then only on high days and holidays!