We is us

Below the hummmm of the hairdryer

And the ladies powder filled pores

And cherry sweet gossiping of the salon


I sit.  Trying hard not to listen

Believing I am removed 


The talk leaves me cold

Its seems to be chit chatting above my head

On a different level


I wonder what is it all for 







Like a machine that needs oil


An industry born on the fear

That a wrinkle or a Grey or something normal

Is just illegal.


I think of you

How the sun had poured its harsh love 

And leathered your skin

While you worked the animals

Making sure they were fed and duly watered

Then duly settled for the night


I think of the smell of hard and true living 

Wafting over another late dinner

I look again straight at you, all your energy spent almost




And the worry had begun to make the grey's

Poke here and there

But in this light you are the same as the first time that we met


I reach out to your calloused hand

I pour the balm over your shoulders 

In words that made you smile


"We are still we.

Part of me is we"


We resolve to settle in for the night

And heavy eyes seek each other

Happy and content

Enjoying the rest from a decent day of solid work

With unspoken peace born of comfort in this threshold of familiarity

The silence of contentment in all we know is truly here


And that deep satisfaction that is ours alone uniquely

Me is part of we 

You and I

What is us


 I am here for you always

Even when the grey's poke further through

Glad to say

Me is part of we 

You and I

What is us



Poetry by LFD3
Read 51 times
Written on 2017-08-11 at 17:16

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Very nice.