Birdbones prepares for college

Practicing Breathlessness

Birdbones lifted weights
used machines
worked hard to acquire a body that might ...
hands that might ...
thighs ...
Our elective mute learned to enunciate
took elocution lessons
recited poetry,
out loud ... why?

Because silence would no longer do
because mildness had to be banished
because modesty and humiliation--
it exhausts me now even to think back on.

There was more than enough to do in those years,
oh yes; no one was in more need of rehabilitation than I.
And such grim toil! Always more work.
The hair was the first thing to go.
The blonde tufts cropped close, dyed black.

I studied hundreds of pornographic films
For what did I know of any of this?
They were hilarious.
For the execution of my plans
I would need to simulate lust,
emulate engagement.

For hours I practiced
the various looks of interest,
of pleasure,
of abandon in the mirror.

What a sad scene this is,
opening my mouth just so,
practicing breathlessness
learning to shudder.

Thus began my period of monstrous obedience.

Poetry by Ashe
Read 185 times
Written on 2017-10-09 at 18:37

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France England
Love is an example of heaven's door most dare to enter while what society deems as forever and ever is just the surface of reality. More is much more than the common soul can reason; we stand alone and so alone when it comes to the breath of fresh air we desire so much. Oh what loneliness the pure at heart must wear in the face of humility; the miles we walk in the shoes of others. I feel your script from start to finish but there wasn't a door for me to exit. Fine write with a unique finish that left me in the dark of darkness. Was this your purpose? If so I say this was well done by you. Bravo!

Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
Did you really do all that? It is all quite strange when you think about it. It sounds like you were an alien emulating being human. Your work is always so enjoyable :)

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
insightful and painful and honest, but i wonder, looking back, was there any other way?

Christopher Fernie
Dear Ashe,

Oh the self-taught in erotica and earnestness! DIY? Do It Yourself or Don't Injure Yourself?

Keep well,