Starry Kingdom

Starry kingdom. Bride white. Leafy quiet.
No mad kingdom of the blind,
Kingdom of the mute.
No night visitations

No incestuous couplings, disgrace.
No blood—no, that is far off tonight.
All hate, all pain, all that is crazy or brutual or mean or incomplete.
That Fall River falling away.
Just my brother playing Eric Clapton songs on his guitar and singing.
High up, far, far off, away.

Afternoons of utter exuberance
Flecked, dappled grasses.
We wore laurels in our hair.
I wove him crowns of leaves, berries, sea grasses, starling feathers.
A teenage Jesus. Leafy kingdom. Small empire of bliss.

Notice how artfully I have constructed this!
Trundling along on my little feet carrying nails and timber,
Singing—OMG Singing!

Who has brought us here?
Who positions us this close to happiness, to peace,
And then snatches it away?

Who allows us only a taste of sweetness in the dark?
Honey hunny, honey moon, lucky duck, silly goose,
And we are gluttons for it. It’s beautiful up here!
But then just as suddenly darkness comes and our bodies are draped
In irrevocable night. Or so it seems. It certainly feels that way.

Poetry by Ashe
Read 154 times
Written on 2017-10-06 at 22:59

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John holliday
Well writen leads you through the scene and yo dont know exacly what it means, so you have to read again unill the meaning does descend......Im geting worried have been a member for only three days but my comments seem to be written as poetry...Starnge days.....Ps I cant keep typing on this ipad I cant change what Is written...need my Keyboard lol

France England
Yes! The first line, "Starry kingdom. Bride white. Leafy quiet. As well as the last stanza. In all do respect you have put marriage on my heart's mind! This is great as it left me standing at the window of; til death do us part? My heart is smiling right now.

Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
Oh, Ashe, I like this. Let me reread! I like your brother strumming Clapton, the teenage Jesus, and the honey hunny line, and many other things about this poem.

Well crafted.

Nice read. Well done.

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
i feel the same, but i could not articulate it so well. the saddest thing is the diminishment of hope, diminished by reality.