Trying something different.

You Were Lucky

She was honey pitched
She could sail like a sailor
Swim like a mermaid
And love like a woman.
You were lucky

She didn't fear the sharks
Nor the deep ocean waters
Or rivers with crocodiles
She was tougher than she looked.
You were lucky

She didn't hang around
As her flavor changed often
But if she had it for you
Her love was always real.
You were lucky

You could take it to the track
You could take it to the bank
She had no sidelong glance
No roving eye
When you were not around.
You were lucky

Supposition, preposition
She had no place in that condition
When she talked you knew
Exactly what she meant
She was no painted picture
But a woman in love.
You were lucky'

Her head turned from side to side
Her brain, mouth, and all parts
worked exactly as they should
She could not be displayed, restored or revalued.
She was no cut off Mona Lisa.
You were lucky

She could read the writing on the wall behind her
Without a preview
She could not be auctioned
Discounted, priced down, or placed on sale
There was no rebate.
You were lucky

When in love she stayed wet all the time
She never played games or lied
Did no side long manipulation
No bad intention.
You were lucky

She was not controlled by what others thought
She had no parents
To teach her how to be that kind of girl
She didn't apprentice her mother.
You were lucky

She was never the center of attention
or protection
She was nobody's angel
Nobody's princess.
You were lucky

She grew up wild and uncultivated
Ungroomed and unprotected
to a position of power
She was a loner.
You were lucky

She never learned to simmer contentedly
But she would boil over continuously
Hot sweet syrup
When she was in love.
You were lucky

She could not be catalogued or dissertated
Nor viewed from a different angle
A different perspective
She could not be seen in a different light
A different perspective
Could not be swayed, rehung or framed.
You were lucky

She could not be replicated,
duplicated nor calendared
Or placed on coffee mugs
She was a woman in love.
You were lucky

When you touched, she touched back
Caressed back
Bit back and spit back when needed
She had no Gioconda smile
She was no Mona Lisa.
You were lucky

She would tell the truth
And could be ruthless
And reckless.
You were lucky


Poetry by Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 198 times
Written on 2017-11-27 at 22:00

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Yes, Someone was lucky. Nice read. Enjoyed.
Well done.

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
This is a fine, fun poem, but the first two stanzas don't match the others.

"She" sounds like someone I'd love to meet.