Current events: The young Special Forces soldier recently killed in Niger. The president called his pregnant widow and told her that he knew what he had signed up for. I wonder, do they know?

I Wonder IF He Knew

What was he thinking
when he enlisted to fight a war?
Amazed and enraptured
The land he believed in
The land he fought for.

What was he thinking?
Was his mind as clear as it should have been?
Was it crowded with thoughts of his future?
Or focused and narrow?
I wonder

Because he had no idea then
Where he would be now.

I wonder
Did he leave this place
Caught up in the romance,
The excitement,
His youth—

Take his young bride
With passion
Long into the night,
Is this the day
His child was conceived?

I wonder
If he thought of a better future
How he would live his life—
Where it all would lead.
The devotion to an absent God,
The honest but misguided love of his country.

Poetry by Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-10-20 at 19:17

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Tom Benson
Having been there - served my country in uniform, this means so much to me. You've touched a raw nerve with the depth of your words.
When involved in a conflict, the service personnel never worry about themselves, but those they might leave behind. In 20+ years in the British Army, I met very few men or women who worried about paying the ultimate price for their own sake.
This is an excellent piece of writing.

don't you think there is in a career in the army something relevant to honor, beauty devotion, heroism? these are the virtues some push forward.