I kept my phone close waiting for you to write, and every time it rang, I dropped everything.
Disappointed to see people who actually care wrote to ask how I am doing, because it wasnt you, I wasted one too many days.

But you, you stay up at night thinking of her.
Wasting YOUR days, waiting for her to regret leaving.
Killing time on pathetic quotes that console you temporarily, but never do they help.
Digging yourself deeper into darker thoughts of self pitty and feeding yourself false hope.
Even if she does come back, you will be even more miserable.

The front you put up was not easy to crack, but I did it.
Only to see how similar we are. We both lost our ways, and we both think we know what is best.
But what makes you pathetic in my eyes is that you hide and you're embarrassed of who you truly are.
You hate yourself and it's obvious now, and I can't even blame you.
No wonder she left.

No wonder I left.

Poetry by zana
Read 122 times
Written on 2017-10-27 at 20:22

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