Let Love Be

We need to lose our minds
As love is not rational
We need to hurt, our hearts torn
As pain emphasises the beauty
We need to remove selfishness
As love is not limited
We need to see, but not with eyes
As love is not a visual
We need to listen, with our hearts
As love does not speak with a tongue
We need to trust completely
As love never betrays

We need to understand
That love, can never be limited
That love does not diminish
It can only expands
That love does not leave us
It is we who abandon love

We need to “get it”
We are the ones who limit
We are the ones so ignorant
We are the seeds of pain
Selfishness, is not love

Let go of all you hold onto
Trust in love
Erase doubt, jealousy
Love is free,
To love one is to love all
Let love be

Poetry by Willem
Read 151 times
Written on 2017-11-02 at 11:43

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Kathy Lockhart
This brought me to think about the greatest example of love on earth and that was Jesus. He taught us to Love our enemies and our neighbors as we love ourselves. He said that there was no greater love than this-- that a man lay down his life for a friend and he did what he said we should do.

We always get in our own way of love. You are right, we are selfish and greedy, demanding our own way. We become jealous because we suspect others of our own inadequacies.

Thank you for posting such a thoughtful poem.

Yah, jealousy. Too much jealousy in this
world. Ruins a lot. Good write, Willem.