A re-writing and re-naming of "Joy As It Flies," posted here a week or two ago (and then deleted for revision!).

Sketches from College Days



J-----, dark-haired, olive-skinned,

studious, with Goldwater glasses,

introduced me one afternoon

in her college dormitory

to the poems of One Times One

(she was sitting on the bed,

cross-legged, barefoot, as she read

if everything happens that can’t be done)

and I became E E Cummings'

most devoted acolyte.




A-----, petite, with honey-coloured curls,

acted a scene with me

from The Lion in Winter

(Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry Plantagenet)

where we had to kiss---

her osculations were impetuous,

as French as the queen she portrayed;

I, the king, was subject to her reign.




B----- was a bit younger,

literate and brassy:

we scooped ice-cream together

in Harvard Square

that Tracy Chapman summer.

I liked her frank language

(I’d call her Boris,

as in Boris Becker, the tennis-player,

and she’d tell me to go fuck myself).

I shared her love of old movies:

Spencer Tracy, Cary Grant,

Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe.




M----- was sweet,

small, gentle, pale:

didn't quite seem twenty,

more like a child.

She told me of classes

she had when younger

where she learned Hebrew

through Peanuts comic strips

in which ha ha would be rendered with a chet.

We’d watch Urkel in her dorm room,

or fling a kooshball at each other in mine.

She might have even told me knock-knock jokes.

Once we playfully tussled,

and one of her socks came off.

Poetry by Thomas DeFreitas The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-11-09 at 07:59

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More! I want more!!!!!

This was a fun poem, full of the innocent sexual tensions of the age. I like the way you wrote this.