To my heart it is a story of one my friend who died not long ago by Ann Wood

To my heart
... One room ... panel-four walls! Computer, monitor and a window .... A monitor I'm looking to find friends, people, events ... to feel the hectic move of life ... A window through which I watch the change of the garments of trees, the jolly game of sparrows , the love of pigeons, the naughty games and the beating of the children from the nearby children's home .....
... Everyday ... my ... day after day - three years! There is no way to change .... physiology ..... and a heart that has proclaimed "civil disobedience" to something called an organism! And not only ! Send orders: no load, no excitement! Stay quietly and shed his various drug tablets there! Yes - if you want to live and still be a man! That ... how do I not want !? I really want to! There are so many things to finish and finish .... That's why I declare a "quiet" strike .... Let me read this line the lines I send to him and then issue orders ...
...calm night!

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-11-09 at 18:41

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