Lines Written After Comforting a friend Who’d Just Been Dumped

When she said that last sentence-
“And that’s how our story ended”
I felt nothing
But sorrow for her.

Because she had loved him.
She told me she had loved him.
And because I’d never loved.
I felt sorry for her.

What is love? The rain keeps pouring outside,
Inside the café we’re sitting, waiting
For the coffee to come. I summarize
She’s thinking of him. God, The slow grating
Shrill of her teeth gives it away. Her eyes,
Red from crying, moist eyes, now thoughtfully
Peer through the window to the storm that lies
Outside. What’s love? That question’s haunting me.
She tells me how happy she was. And smiles.
Is it joy? How her smile lacks artifice.
The thought, it’s ended, returns and she cries.
Is it pain? Do I peek cuts on her wrist?

Intangible, unfathomable love.
I shudder to wonder her long, lace gloves.

Like counterpoint her smiles and tears do come
(Bach could never make a fugue out of this)
And here I am instead of passing some
Tissues, making pretentious jokes again.

And to myself! Oh,
I’ve never prayed for coffee
Quite this much till now.

She smiles again. Oh,
So, she’s remembered a joke
He said once before.


It was in a café.
Long ago. Oh, wait no.
Please don’t cry. She stops, smiles,
And sobs again.

I’m so puzzled by this.
She’s all but gone. I guess,
Then this is love. Not pain
Nor joy: Madness.

Poetry by Sameen
Read 143 times
Written on 2017-11-22 at 06:53

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Nicely done.

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
Love is absolute madness, insanity which makes us do and see things in a very different way. It is blind and perplexing to everyone else. Love is pure joy, until it goes bad. If love is hurting, then it's not love, it's obsession. The person in love forgets about the tears and the hurts and wants to hang on to that joy. For the listener, it's impossible to console. But listening is good, and keep the coffee coming.

Yep, puzzling and complex are the aftermath, especially if you don't know how to respond, bring on the coffee.