Yo, Skunk Hour by Robert Lowell is amazing. I recommend it highly. This poem is mine though.

Hermit Crabs

I'd trade the world without
for the world within.

When the movie: "Inception" came about,
(And I'm sure you have heard of it)
The thought of traversing inside my head
Through dreams, creating a world of my own
With a flick of the mind, enamored me.
(And I'm sure you have felt this too).

This is Godhood, the capability
To change what you hate, to multiply joy,
To make mere moments last infinitely,
And all that's required is sleep?
If such technology existed, please,
Knock me out and take my money!

I'd trade the world without
for the world within

Easily. Every manager I've had,
I'd carve the orders they'd given onto
Their skin, till their tongues stopped wagging, swollen
So much so they could sing no more,
Knifed nightingales, and I, the bird catcher.
Then I would hunt some other birds.

Pretty girls that scorned, turned their nose at me-
I would fiddle the memory
And make it so that they loved me instead
Of the horrible things they said now turned
Into whispered wiles and sweet sparrow songs.
I could be how selfish I want.

I'd trade the world without
for the world within

Without a thought. As selfish as I want
I could be as they don't exist you see:
All figments of my imagination!
Godhood! The capability
To do as I please without having to
Please anyone. Ah, that's heaven.

Because to please is the verb I have most
Been Haunted by. Been haunted by
Displeased parents, with all my "lack of love",
Displeased friends, because I don't "care enough",
Displeased lovers, the former two combined.
I'd "Inception" this all behind.

I'd trade the world without
for the world within.

Often I think of hermit crabs swap shells.
Each one a new reality;
The old outgrown and the new just on lease
To be outgrown and thrown some day again.
If such was the case with the world I see...
If only it was all a dream.

Often I think of hermit crabs swap shells
On the beach like that scene in Inception.
I'd swap this hellish, confusing cauldron
Called life, and spice some other thing
Like a God. A better God I would be
Than the one who won't let me dream.

I'd trade the world without
for the world within.

Poetry by Sameen
Read 125 times
Written on 2017-11-27 at 23:26

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
There is confidence, maturity, wonderful writing here. This is my new favorite poem by you.

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
This is very well written. A difficult concept to get accross, but you've accomplished it. Of course that the inside is great since we can do what we want and what we like, but until that Inception comes around there is a lot we can do with the outside world, such as caring so much about what others think, including parents, and do what you want, because you know it's right. Great poem.
PS. I'll look for the book!