Our holiday at the sea side day eighteen by Ann Wood

Good morning world, I am still in bed but have to get ready for breakfast. I get a shower and dressed, then call hospital to see how my grandma is and to wish her to get well soon. It is our second day in Wales and it is raining outside today. Because of the weather we will have in door activities and will driving to near town. After I have my shower and phone call, I got to the kitchen for my breakfast with my family. I have full English and pan cakes for breakfast with cup of tea and fresh orange juice. After breakfast I help mom to clean the table and wash the dishes and make fresh tea and coffee for our morning activity section. We will make cookies and cup cakes for our afternoon tea party, and then will make post cards which we will sail on our next back yard sail. For lunch mom and auntie will make roast lamb with roast root vegetables and rise with red wine souse and mints souse too. I will make green salad and garlic bread. After lunch we will have our tea party with a lot party games and movie. For our dinner grandpa says we will have order take way meal from nears eatery and will have more movies to watching. At 6pm I call again to the hospital to check how my grandma is, we talk for almost an hour. I tell her how our day was and what we did on our holiday up to now. She says that she missed me and can not wait to see me again when we back in two weeks time. When we finish our phone call I help mom to get ready for dinner we order Indian food and some pizzas. We eat and watching telly in the living room in my uncles caravan. It was rain all night before and all day and still raining. I hope it will stop raining at the morning and we can go to the mountain. We stay until 2am playing games and watching movies. Then at 2am we all go to bed to get some sleep. I get ready for bed and go to sleep too. My mom come to give me good night hugs and kisses and wishes me good night then she goes to her room. Good night everyone sleep well and sweet dreams God bless you all.

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-12-05 at 00:47

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