Yesterday - Tomorrow

Yesterday is fog evaporated by the morning sun
A reality turned to a dream
Yesterday, a result of the seconds that passed
The seduction of what could have

Tomorrow an estimated uncertainty
The events hidden from our minds
Tomorrow a result of the present now
The seduction of what can be

Every second Sets our past
Every second shaping our future
But why do we stay in the past
Why do we anticipate the future

It is now, this moment right here
The seconds passing us by, unseen
Where we shape, live that which we yearn for
That which we can never get back, get to

All we have is now
Al we have is a second, right now
Minutes, hours and days the albums
Of our collected seconds
Of our anticipated anxiety
All we have is now

Poetry by Willem
Read 116 times
Written on 2017-12-05 at 08:06

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Yesterday is the road we have travelled
Today is the road ahead
But tomorrow is that bend in our road
That obscures the route we would take

Hold on to your past, prepare for the future and yes, live for today.
I so enjoyed reading this (a few times) with so many thoughts coming to me within your words.

Thanks for sharing