Wonderful women are good for the soul
For miserable men who’ve been less than loyal
And whatever place to better find those
Than Brazilian beaches.
Ipanema’s hovels,
Just by the sea is a sweet vantage point
To look on in defeat at beautiful girls who
You’ll never touch, nor me, I am old,
And only a poet
Amidst these sharply dressed
Businessmen, bankers, accountants, stock brokers
Who with a flick of their fine manicured fingers
Can flaunt all their fortune and get all the girls.
I wish I was rich too so I’d not have to pay
For womanly comfort come prostituted.

I wonder if I’m too old to be
A titan of industry? “Can I sir,”
A voice says, “Buy you a drink?”
I suppose,
But you’re not quite my type, buddy.
“No, I don’t mean it that way. Blast you!”
Blast you? Now I’ve never heard that before.
Such a strange saying. “Oh, my God. Listen”
Go ahead. “You’re the poet, aren’t you? Who’s missing?”
What is this, exposition? “What? Never mind.”
“I need your help sir. I’m losing my mind!”
How can I help you, dear child? “Stop squeezing my cheeks!”
“I’m serious. I need relief.
“Aren’t you guys
“Supposed to be
"Finely attuned with your feelings?”
As much as any other man, I guess.
“I’ll take it so please hear this.”

“The office I work in has tall, thin glass
“For walls. Suffice it to say
“I feel watched. Suffice it to say
“I feel on exhibition. Suffice it to say
“I feel
“Not much of myself at all.”
Interesting. “How best to convey this feeling?”
“Every move I make I feel judged
“Like they see me, but I can’t see them
“But I do see them and they never peer in
“I bet its appearing like I’m paranoid!”
Oh heavens no. “I can see it in your face.”
Is it that obvious? “Yes, please listen, I beg
“Of you. I feel a thousand eyes at my back
“When I dip my head, and I look up,
“There’s no one there. What should I do?”
Stop dipping your head then, you fool.

Poetry by Sameen
Read 141 times
Written on 2018-01-13 at 06:33

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Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
Too much to try to cover in a poem. Perhaps you should try a short story. You have a lot to say in this draft. Keep working it.