Our holiday at the sea side day nineteen by Ann Wood

Good morning world, it is our nineteen day of our holiday at the sea side, and ourlast day in Welse. Tomorrow we will go to Scotland. It is raining and cold for that we will have indoor activities and driving around the country side. I am still in bed and read my book At The Bride Hunt Ball by Olivia Parker. I hear that my mom is working in the kitchen doing our breakfast. At 8 am I get up and get my shower and get ready for bbreakfast. After breakfast we all have cup of tea in the lounge and read the morning news paper. I clean the table and get the dog out for walk it is still raining but poor dog need to go out and releave itself. We back in the caravan in ten minutes and dry ourselves. I make more tea and coffee and we get ready to go for our ride to the country side. My uncle was ready too to leave the car park where we were stay for the last few nights. We stop in nears petrol station for refill our cars and get fresh milk and water, and some snack stuff for our journey. It is after ten am and we all in the car ready to continiue our journey. Mom put the radio on it was Latino music on she love Latino music. At two pm we stop in nears villiage and have our lunch. We eat in small eatery, we have Cawl is a traditional Welsh soup - similar to a stew. Usually a one-pot dish, it’s considered by many to be the national dish of Wales. Cawl is usually made up of Welsh lamb, leeks and potatoes, but there are many different recipes that vary from season and place. It was yummy and we all enjoy it. After lunch we all have a nap and at six pm we have dinner at same eatery we have mix grill with salad and chips and rosted root vegetables. For pudding we have Victorian cake with vanilla souse and ice crème. After dinner we all back to our cars and start travel to our last stop for the day. We park in small villige and have late supper again we were hungry we were have pizza and salad. Then when we finish eating we go to bed it were very late at night. I get a shower and go to bed. Good night world sweet dreams all sleep well see you in the morning.

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2017-12-30 at 14:25

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