'Men live by what they hear not what they prove.'

Nosotros en Circle(An Anaphora)

We have come to learn some facts,
We have seen them loosed or intact.
We have heard about the saviour,
We have been made to feel his savour.
We have seen the birth of arguements,
We have seen some lead to merryment.
We have joy in few of them,
We have sadness on some which weighed us dead.?
We have been fed with lies,
We have been to forgerries tied.
We have heard the aged say different things,
We have heard it and have bothered not to think.
We have passed through the infant stage,
We have been yet,till today in the stage.
We have grown,yes!,in height.
We have not grown in sight of search.

Poetry by Ajoshberry
Read 105 times
Written on 2018-01-08 at 15:04

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