Our holiday at the sea side day twenty –one by Ann Wood

It is our second day in Scotland, good morning world. It is cold and foggy outside; I am in bed reading my book and listen the bird’s song coming from the nearest forest. My dog is on the floor next my bed and sleeping deeply. The caravan is still quiet everybody is in bed, only bird’s song you can hear. At 6:45am my mom goes to the kitchen and start makes our breakfast. Half hour after that, I get up and get ready for the day, shower and get dressed make my bed and go to have my breakfast in dinning room. After breakfast I help grandma to clean the table and make fresh tea and coffee. At 8:15am my uncle comes to ask mom what the time we start our journey to Edinburgh. We start our journey at 9am we stop to the village shop to top up our food and drink storage, daily news papers and few magazines and cross words. Then we take the motorway and start our journey to Edinburgh. My grand parents this time get in my uncle car and my cousins and auntie come in our car to play with me. At 11:45am we stop for break in one petrol station we go to the rest room and then to KFC for a meal. I have burrito and chips with salad and diet coke all other was have chicken burgers meal. After we finish our lunch we order ice cream and cookies and start our journey again. At 2pm we finally get in Edinburgh and found where to park our caravans for the night and go for walk. We will stay two days here then we will go for day or two to Glasgow. We go for some shopping and visit few museums and churches. At 9pm we go for dinner at near eatery and have Scottish salmon and roasted potatoes, green beans, peas and cabbage, salad and for the adults were have red wine. For pudding we have stick toffee pudding with toffee souse and ice cream. After dinner we all go for walk and drinks in local pub near the city centre it was have karaoke night and mom were happy to sing song or two. At 12 o’clock we all back to our caravans for the night. I go to my room get into my pajamas and to my bed. Good night world sleep well everyone sweet dreams.

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-01-08 at 16:32

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