Many deafened with the pleasures of the world and wouldn't hear when their saviour is calling them. It's until he takes away the pleasure before they hears. And it seems it hurts.

La paz y su auricular(Arabian Sonnet)


My eyes greeted the way to the class,
Saw different people with different eyes,
Some without and with glass,
Some toss around like an empty mass.

Then did i saw a spirit before me:
Then,elated was my glottis.
But within her ears was an earpiece.
Then i think i heard the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I called and called her till i was nearer,
For the more i move closer it seem to her farther.
Till i removed the 'piece from her ears,she proved deafer.

Then she did saw me an exclaimed: 'Oh josh,you're here?'.
So,are many who YHWH calls which cannot hear,
Till he take the earpiece away from their ears.

Sonnet by Ajoshberry
Read 190 times
Written on 2018-01-09 at 08:31

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