Who knows her name?

I saw him in my dream
Or my dream saw him.
Girded in instructions,
Sitting opposite as a timed
adder. Listening to my glottis
spray,enchanting words elating
his heart and whipping his ear.
Diverse heads held many heads:
Head with debt and some deposited death.
Sat i with him in closure,
Pushing my lips forward for enclouse:
'I'm a poet',and all of that i've said.
But was veiled yet to me that he had a news.
For so long had i been loquacious,
Before He pushed forth his words: tentatively audacious.
And like the purposed wind flew.
His product did my brain told me audibly,
But when my eyes untrust themselves,
My brain seemed mute.
He'd said: 'Their is a female poet in hebrew
Her name is 'monume?'.
I'm i sure i got the name.
Even there lies the mistake.
Just returned from hoping around the air,
And the air refused to bear the burden faithfully.
Or you know the name:
That poet of strangling fame?
Ho me,if thou do,
Maybe she's hidden by her variant skill.
Or nature pleaded to have her in her bossom.

Poetry by Ajoshberry
Read 130 times
Written on 2018-01-11 at 05:37

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