An ode dedicated to Elonka Dunin
by Baroness Scylla vom und zu Karybdis, circa 2001 CE

Ode to the Admiralty

Dan Brown
man of renown
disquisitive of the cia
now omnes frown

Even enola gay
in that lbgt way
bombed on opening night!
(how the AIDS hoax gave us a fright, more killed than in Vietnam - with absolutely no mililtary overhead)

Able was Soros ere Soros saw ... Davos?*

(Oh well, a palindromic failure, albeit cleverly referencing the Palindromically-Named-One!]
what a drag

Dan Brown
man of renown
enola kaye -

Elonka, you're the best, a thousand thanks
take it away


* EDITOR'S NOTE, Enid Evenson Haddow de Burke, Literary Advisor to the Queen:

The Baroness is clearly too well-bred to give the obvious:

"So bad was Soros ere Soros saw Davos."

which, according to my linguistic calculations, is 99.99999999999% palindromically successful, as follows:

What is the relationship between "B" and "V"? : etymology
In both English (slob -> slovenly), and in the Semitic Hebrew** (Bet and Vet are the same letter with a change in accent), there is clearly a relationship between the letter "b" and the letter "v". What is the origin of it? Is there a Greek root?
Best answer: Phonetically [b] and [v] are incredibly similar sounds. [b] is a bilabial plosive and [v] is a labiodental fricative. In many languages, such as Spanish***, there actually isn't a difference at all in the way they are pronounced, and in many languages [b] becomes the bilabial fricative [b], which mimics the sound that [v] makes.

As I, Enid, have noted, once Spanish becomes the dominant language worldwide, estimated to occur within at most 5 years from now, the Baroness will have achieved Total Palindromic Consummation.

- Enid Evenson Haddow de Burke, Literary Advisor to the Queen

** Not to be confused with the Russo-Turkic tongues - Enid

*** Language of the soon-to-be-a-majority Illegals!

Poetry by Scylla v.u.z. Karybdis
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Written on 2018-01-12 at 04:30

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jim The PoetBay support member heart!
An ode for the ages. My regards to the Queen, and please, do share more odes, or other such poetry as you might spare. it will be appreciated.