I Do Love To Dream By The Seaside

A family of dreams
Went on holidays to the coast
Mr and Mrs Reverie
Were more well off than most
With their little kips
A boy and two mean faced girls
In a big four poster bed
With four wheels of shiny pearls
On top was a roof-rack
That was made of polished gold
With luggage for the trip
Even a furling canopy for the cold
They argued all the way
And pulled at one another’s hair
When suddenly I awoke
Yelling “Let me out, are we there?”

Poetry by Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 80 times
Written on 2018-01-25 at 12:55

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This must be the balancing other side of my favorite line of T.S. Eliot, "Till human voices wake us, and we drown."

one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
and one pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small . . .

i like to dream by the seaside, too.

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
Weren't you glad to wake up? I love the seaside but it's my time to be alone and enjoy. I enjoyed very much your family of dreams with its lovely rhythm and visions.

Yup Jamsbo, with the kids it was always, "Are we there
yet?" Cute one. Made me laugh.