Recently went to Canterbury, to meet up with my chum, David. I arrived with plenty of time to spare. Now I love to trawl the charity shops, looking for books. One shop I went in to, I saw a young woman of obvious Asian ethnicity - maybe - Japanese? Maybe - Anglo-Japanese?

Canterbury is a popular city with tourist. So no surprise to see a Japanese in the shop.
As is my way, I ask her if she saw books by Aphra Behn and Margret Cavendish. Let me know. She smiled and said she would, her English were perfect, unlike mine!

By chance I found a copy of The Rover, by dear Aphra Behn, was I happy chappy! I were soon bubbling my joy my enthusiasm unbounded! I were found my self talking to the young woman, maybe I were teacher mode! Said the Aphra Behn, were a writer who had a gift of writing. Had no option! With out hesitating - I gave the book to the young woman, at first, she said: '' Thanks - but no thanks! '' She could read my face - plainly - I had no hidden agenda!
As Aphra, were in a debtors prison, that in it self quite an achievement, for a woman back then! Aphra turned to her gift as a writer! To write her self out of The Debtors prison!

Aphra had been a secret agent - spy - for the future King Chiles the second of
England! Aphra Behn - as is said today vernacular - SHE HAD BALLS!
When Charley boy, regained back throne of England - he let what he owed Aphra. Dear Aphra - ended up in so much debt! Were sent to The Debtors prison. She wrote and wrote, wrote her way out of that prison! At one time Aphra Behn, had many plays on in London as any man play writers! She in one play had an African prince character in one play she wrote! Aphra, wrote the play with out having to think of any motivation agenda! Aphra, wrote a poem-story; The Disappointment!, a story, most woman will smile; '' Been there, girl! And men, toes will curl up, embarrassed of being reminded!

The young woman asked me; '' Do you write?'' ; I beamed a smile; '' Yes! '' , '' I write poetry '' , '' I can be found on poetbay.com '' '' I'm - ken d williams -
The Dyslexic Wordsmith '' ; she responded; ''My names Sam, and I am dyslexic too!''. We now both smiling to each other! Friends well met!

I then went on about Margret Cavendish!
How she marred for love, older than her husband, against the convention of the day!
Were in to science, as were her husband, Margret, were to become a member of The Royal Society - dedicated to science - an esteemed body! At the time exclusively made up of men! Margret were THE FIRST WOMAN, to be granted membership! It were YEARS before woman were to be granted membership after Margret Cavendish!

It were a purple period for educated woman! Sadly, woman's the freedom, were coming to an end. Margret, wrote of it, took advantage, of the new prose writing. Prose writing came about due yes to sexism! Stupid men, could not understand how woman's brains could not cope with with WRITING poetry! So decided a woman ''friendly'' , form of writing were called for - that's how prose came about!

Now to continue on about Margret Cavendish: Marget know the freedom she had enjoyed, were being taken away, freedom not just hers, but the freedoms of all educated woman. Margret, then sat down and wrote a story - she gave her book the title - The Blazing World! She writes of a world dominated by woman, with an Empress! In doing so, Margret Cavendish - cratered a new genera of a new writing - SIFI! Margret Cavendish - THE FIRST SIFI WRITER!

Me and Sam shook hands, wished each other well. I paid for the books I'd trawled, we said our goodbyes. I'd just gone out of the shop, when I remembered something. Back in the shop I went; Sam were still there, still recovering from the shock of meeting me! ; '' It's me again! '' ; '' Aphra Behn, were born in Canterbury, her father a barber! '' ; Sam said; '' I Am defiantly be reading her book! ''.

I finally left Sam to recover from meeting such a strange bearded man!

Has I had swept-back in - I swept back out!

I got back to my trawling the charity shops for yet more books! On trawling books
in The Oxfam, book shop! Yup I found another copy of Aphra play The Rover!

Oh what a happy day I had in Canterbury!

ken d williams

The Dyslexic Wordsmith

Short story by ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-01-31 at 15:10

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Enjoyed story, ken. Very interesting. I like the second
hand stores. Never know what good stuff you'll find.

Jamsbo Rockda The PoetBay support member heart!
You have a good heart Ken. Sounds like a good day :)

What a great day for you both, I love a good charity shop, here's to many more happy days and stories from you Ken.