Posted here 2007. Wrote in 2006 after story in newspaper about Ogdensburg's
crime & property destruction. It hasn't changed any.

Evenin' Collections

Watch your 'blongin's
For sure each night
In our city, "Shizzam!"
Things fly from sight!

Nothin's safe an' sound
Even cats stop an' stare
Watchin' thy hands
For, "Cat... Beware!"

Pillfered, pinched souls
Doth moan an' pine
Can't take eyes off tools
Or... the 'undie' line

A hunter, hackles red
Sprightly runs his buck
Fingers swiped his rifle
From out'n his truck!

Fingers inch on water
Fingers inch in home-
Doggy barks at cupboard,
"Where's my doggy bone?"

Granny wants breakfast
'Twould make one seethe
Searchin' round 'er nightstand,
"Where art thou, teeth?"

An' one poor sap
Has got his gripe-
He got robbed one night
Guy stole his tobacco
An... his pipe!

If they just took
We might be set-
But they ain't swiped
A Politician yet...

Just things of value
That either sits or putts
Fingers snitchin' everything
From soup to nuts

So watch car an' 'undies'
With so many sneaky hoods
Our city's been voted-
The most crooked
...Neck o' the woods

Poetry by Helen Paquin The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-02-08 at 14:00

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