From Sun God to Sun Worshipper

10 was when I knew nothing
Days went by tranquil at best
The sun rose and set at its volition
And I thought no better of it

At 13 I knew everything
(So I thought)
And I got fed up cause of it
The sun rose and set cause thatís what I wanted
Butt rash had borne rash thinking

Finally at 15 I listened
To parents and teachers and friends
Though I hated all that I heard
I couldnít make their sun set

And thus at 18 Iíd scream
So I wouldnít have to listen at all
Iíd forgotten about the sun
I had bigger problems to ignore

20 was when I gave up
All shut within soundlessness
The rays of the sun as foreign as
Warm words and neither crept in

Now 21 I think Iíve learned to listen
I bask in the sun again
Though I canít make it set or rise
Though I know I know nothing

Poetry by Sameen
Read 121 times
Written on 2018-02-09 at 01:58

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Marie Cadavieco The PoetBay support member heart!
Fascinating to follow the changes from childhood. So now, you know you know nothing. Excellent starting place for a fulfilling life, and with the sun as the constant. Yes, I appreciated your insight here, and simply but most effectively expressed.

Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
You have written the perfect progression of the mind during those years. I think we can all relate to these words. I can't wait for the changes that follow at 30, and 40 and ahead. Our perspective changes with time. A very clever and well-written poem.