An Egyptian myth.

Horus And Isis

Mame,let me off to the dam,
The thane of korus getting off the pride of
the rams.
Go to,heretofore,be stayed me no longer,
By heaven,I'm famished,I'm of revenge
The lain are laned on the train,
To make of his folly,I'll make of art the main.

'Son of the sun',the rain will fall.
Mend the net,prick the tatched tall.
Raise the pitch of the atmosphere,
Gird the abode,of us,make the rain fear.
We'll sleep by the day and lay bare,
If you stay not awhile,'My Horus dear'.

The cloud being scold severally,
Swelling swelling,preparing to burst already.
Then the hay made for his way,
To make him of the tears stay.
'Weep not,ho weep not',admonished be.
But he'd wept uncontrollably before close be
the gate of her glottis.
How would she of such say,
When the host of his treachery would not
By heaven I would return before the morn
Let me hence to pounce the general.
By this matter I crave!
By your heart,Mame,do behave.

Get thee hence now to my order,
Thou make not,thou hop not yonder.

Cursed be the apple of my eyes,
That beg of mildness my heart.
I will get all I will,
By force,choice or by Will.
Enough of my word with thee Mame,
My sword shall do the remaining saying.
At least you would,perchance you return,
Know that actions are ought to be strangle
not be punned.
Thy head will go off now,
When i return,Mame,i'll replace in it house.

(Head went off)

Spell be spelled on earth,
The life go not,loan me the life of death.
The cow of Iris totter to me,
Sword of Lily,come unveil the mystery.
My head,had Horus,sent on a journey,
But god-ful mystery be my merry.
Come,oh,my head is gone off now,
Come replace it with the Brenham Cow's.

Thus did she with her head bargain with the cow's.
But by magic,no one knows how.

Poetry by Ajoshberry
Read 122 times
Written on 2018-02-19 at 23:41

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