A remote nation swallowed by a greater one,unaware, and yet another greater arose against the greater... Depiction of power chain. You can relate more meaning to it.

Lion And Lamb

I sat at the shore at the
Break of the day. When the,
Sun steals from the vast curtain of nature,
Peeping through human infrastructures.
When I saw,a lamb beyond the transculent
Measuring the path of the pompous forest,
Chewing cud in it mouth,It's mother did flee,
Or perhaps left it to self-will. In Earnest,
It leaps as It's joy bears it,carressing,
The root of the hung trees,seducing
The attention of the indifferent wind.
It paced indifferently dogging the wind.
It rises and lays as his eyes ordered him,
Made fun of the bugs,a-feared the lices,
Trampled on It's meal; filled to stupour is it.
Then in a glance,
Like the switch of bewitched time.
Destruction tottered toward it's axis;
A large Lion emerged from the deepest
(Twas noon, closest to the lamb's rest)
Conspicous and bogus,
Lifted beyond the earth,fiercer than the
Without ears,undaunted like the rock.
The forest echoed the rhythm of his noise.
The lamb could perceive an ill omen;
For all nature refused to say to it's prayer
Closer,closer,it edged toward it,
Desirous tongue and famished teeths,
Eyes sculped in anger,Jaws sketched for
Stomach widened at pace,intestine be the
The lamb realised sooner but late,
Overtaken by fear,the lion would have his
"When he comes,Give to whom honour is
It's mother had said. Heart willing,limbs
It's shadow made it fall thrice,
Teeth greeting it before it rise.
Thus,the Lion swathed in fury,
Bated by ill-will,made an ill-story.
'What would it do with it's corpse,' I'd
Before I remembered,It's already dusk.
Another howl shriek from beneath afar,
An howl swallowing it's noise,breaking the

Poetry by Ajoshberry
Read 118 times
Written on 2018-02-20 at 21:15

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