Ne Obliviscaris

you took my hand, and took us outside
and in the sun I saw
three sleepless nights in your eyes

I remember

you wanted to show me something
but it had already gone
when we reached there

did you ever find beauty after that?

do you remember telling me
that if you did, then you'd surely find a way to me and
find a way to tell?

I lost touch
with the only thing that I knew was real

has it been long enough to call it lost?

who is to tell

if you came through the door
or from watching the moon for too long,

if the way it seems is the way it is now
or if it is all just a dream?

who is to tell
for everyone else is sleeping
and might as well be dead?

Forget not
the ancient song

how you told me to not forget
in a forgotten tongue

Poetry by Praveen Bhusal
Read 110 times
Written on 2018-02-24 at 11:55

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MsImaginary The PoetBay support member heart!
The tone of this is so mystical and melancholy-- it made me think of the past and what I long for. Evocative; thank you for sharing!