Inspired by Homer's 'The Odyssey'.

The Odyssey: Homer (Odysseus)

Perhaps,He'd been dead,caught at the
claws of the sea:
The Akhaians had loan him to the whales,a
The battle of troy weighed,threw him out
of balance,
Cowardly rugged he'd given in,no longer
Perhaps he'd journey along the route of
Or zeus(father of all gods and men),had
bethroted him to the Harlot.
Suitors bewitched by penelope's beauty,
drenched in waeve-trick,swimming in folly.
Telemakhos, astound at the ageless effort,
Perhaps his father's return is the dying
But woah!,Athena(the grey-eyed
goddess),had had her way,
Oh see! Odyssey,the forgotten,to
Ithaka,made his way!

Sonnet by Ajoshberry
Read 141 times
Written on 2018-02-24 at 14:27

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