The Red Devil

A Red Devil is the IV stuck in my arm, sat in a plump armchair, blankets quilted by volunteers, I have become one of the needy

I attend like some do church,
Early and well-dressed, guilt confused with
humility, wondering how many hail Mary's
drip into me, how pretty was she, that she is the epitome of everything you think is good in the world but to you, I have fallen

Into that plump chair, out of your blessings, a decaying Lillith to her sweet, innocent Mary

Unanswered messages and presents, I beg you to be present, your heart is with me still you say, but would you not be here if you meant it?

I repented.
Slow dancing with my nausea, I sip Nyquill like bourbon in a parlor, what can I barter to wake up and have you care again, treat me like a partner instead of a forgotten friend

Your patients make you cry, the ones with Parkinson's and cancer, but my sarcoma warrants a different answer

I never thought you'd abandon me, give up on me, hear me whimper and turn your cheek to me, I was there when you needed me

I'd come running if you needed me now, no matter the strength of our rows, I had planned my vows and now, a phone call you won't even allow

A Red Devil is the whiplash of wondering whether one day you'll want me again, hallucinating your hand reaching for mine as it tugs at me, look how far that's gotten me

I asked you to give us another chance after the cancer dug its claws in me, you scoff at me, that's the nightly inferno that continues to haunt me

Poetry by MsImaginary The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-03-10 at 04:40

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Ashe The PoetBay support member heart!
A strength comes through in this powerful poem. Imagined or real, the power come through very clear. To be abandoned by the one most loved at the time of most need seems most cruel. If we are to give her some credit, I would say she is incapable of dealing with the situation, rather than a lack of love. I hope this poem is not part of a true story. I like the title and the emotion the poem carries. Well done.