She is one young nurse with a huge big heart to my best friend KysaSweets by Ann Wood

She is one young nurse with a huge big heart to my best friend KysaSweets!
One day I meet her in the chat room, and start talk to her, word by word we get know each other, and found out that we both work as a nurses, but in different countries. Kysa is young American Lady, working as a nurse, she is very kind, loving and caring person I ever meet. We become very good friends and start chatting every day when we are online in that chat room. We talk about our work and music, books I read to her some of my poetry and short stories. Some days we talk on Skype or Viber and say how were ours days. Not long ago she buy a new car and home for her and her family and were so happy and was want to share her good newses with me. I was so happy for her and proud that she work so hard on her age and get her first own car and home and take her family on holiday too. When we are on the phone I can hear her voice for hours it is so beautiful as an Angel voice, nice, soft and calm make you feel relaxed when you listen to her. Yesterday I were so sad for some reason, but when she call me she put a big smile on my face and make my day so happy and bright. Talking to her make me feel relaxed, calm and happy and she is so far away from me. I wish we have more nurses like her all over in the world who will help, other people getting better and put smiles on theirs faces, like she put one on mine. I want to say to her a big thank you for being my friend and my sister in heart, and for her moral support and help. Dear Kysa remember I am also here for you, day and night whatever you need me, my home is and your home always you need place to stay. I miss you when you are not online, but know with our job we always busy and real become first, please take care be safe and blessed sweetheart. One day we may meet who know I may come to work in USA and you will be my mentor. With love and light always yours friend and sister in heart Ann Wood! I love you sissy be safe please. I am so proud of you by beautiful Kysa God bless you and your family with long life, good health and luck in everything you do in your life Amen!

Short story by antoniya katelieva-wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-03-19 at 16:00

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