Blow it Out or Lug it

When my candles blow out,
I wish for the mint you tasted to have come from
My breath, blowing at the flames; miniature versions of the one I lug for you

You blow at your candles and who stands beside you,  I have half a mind to
Break my own promise and remind you
Of every birthday we shared between us

Me, drunk after cards, I jumped in the pool
And you followed to keep me from choking on all the water I swallowed

You, with your first home baked cake and my family, the one I hoped you would join

Roasted racks of lamb transformed into grilled cheese sandwiches, you devoured them, bragging of my prowess, a rare gift in that your guilt allowed me it

You may call me "man," now, keep your distance and throw in the towel

But to me, you are still "sweety," I think of you sweetly, I've grown quickly through sickness but for love like this I am needy, still, I relent

I wish you a coward's happy birthday, scared you no longer want me, no longer love me, will not return.

But I wish it still, here, in the dark, lugging an undying flame and hoping yours has not blown out.

Poetry by MsImaginary The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-03-22 at 05:29

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